She's Got a Crush On Me

from by Maleidoscope

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there's a girl over there, and she's giving me a stare
do I have something funny in my hair?
It should look fine - I showered, I swear
but maybe I picked the wrong thing to wear

this girl's kindof cute, she's got a certain flair
I wish I'd taken longer to prepare
I'd've liked to say hi, but now I don't dare
and I try to tell myself that I don't care

the next day my friend came up and said "why
didn't you talk to that girl last night?
I know her, you're totally her kind of guy...
you picked a terrible night to act all shy"

I said "I was far too nervous to try"
he said "couldn't you see it in her eye?
she was crushing on you, thought you looked real' fly
and you couldn't even go and say 'hi'?"


She's got a crush on me, she's got a crush on me
why on earth could I not see?
she was crushin so obviously
but somehow it escaped me that she's got a crush on me

I'm not being egotistic - I'm just trying to be realistic
I've gotta stop being so oblivious, when her feelings are so obvious
It's clear I'm at least somewhat appealing... now I just have to start catching on to these feelings
but from now on I vow that when I sense some attraction - I will take some kind of action!


so I've been spending a bunch of time
with a girl who I thought was pretty fine
but our friendship was simple, no pick-up lines
I was hardly expecting the stars to align

but then on the day we said goodbye
I could see something in the look in her eye
that said "I really sorta like you, I was just too shy"
and I'm thinking "man why couldn't we have realized this weeks ago when we still had time to hang out and get close and stuff?" but in the end I don't say that actually I don't say anything at all, I just SIGH



from The Mind I'm Lost Inside, released November 16, 2012
Female harmony by Shannon Campbell.



all rights reserved


Maleidoscope Waterloo, Ontario

Upbeat singer-songwriter and jack-of-all-trades musician. Lyricist first, then orchestrator.

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